Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make payments online? Are these payments 100% secure?

Yes! The best way to make your payment is right here inside your online account. We accept eChecks, and Credit & Debit Card payments 24/7 using a trusted secure processor Tip: Take the hassle out of remembering your due date. Log-in now & schedule a "Reoccurring Payment Plan" easily with your Visa or Mastercard!

How do I setup an Automatic Payment?

Log-In to your account from our homepage. Select "Payment Profiles" and then select "Setup New Automatic Payment". Here you can choose to make a Single Payment or a Reoccurring Payment automatically based upon your Due Date(s). Yes - it's that easy!

How do I make a payment online?

Select "Automatic Payment" under the "Payment Profiles" menu. Here you can select to make a Single Payment or a Reoccurring Monthly Payment on your due date.

Help! I forgot my password! How do I regain access my account?

Contact us today at if you forgot your account password. We will help you immediately to obtain access & make a payment through your online account!

How do I get a loan? What do i need to provide in the application?

Unsecured Loans >$1000 and Higher - Complete Secure Online Application here: - No Collateral is Required - You Must Be a Valid US Citizen - You Must Complete the secure online Bank Verification in the application process or immediately following

How do I submit an application?

Right here! From our homepage, click 'Submit an Application' or use the 'Application' tab on the home page. Fill it in. Call or email us if you have any questions, we will contact you upon receiving the application to discuss next steps!

I have been asked to

Please Click the Secure Link Here to verify your Bank Account. (or click the following URL link:" Note: Your Bank Account number is kept 100% secure by a trusted third-party Decision Logic. Executive Loan Center does not store this information or take payments from this account without authorization.